Y Tu Mama Tambien

Y Tu Mama Tambien Study Guide

Y Tu Mamá También is a 2001 Mexican drama directed by Academy Award–winning director Alfonso Cuaron. The film received critical acclaim and was nominated for an Academy Award (Best Original Screenplay) at the time of its release. Written by Alfonso Cuaron and his brother Carlos Cuaro, it tells a traditional coming-of-age story in an unexpected and affecting way.

The film reimagines the typical road-trip movie and shows the lives of three unlikely traveling companions against the backdrop of political and social turmoil of Mexico. Two teenage boys, Julio and Tenoch, meet an attractive older woman named Luisa and try to woo her with talks of a made up road trip to a non-existent beach. When she finds out that her husband is cheating on her, Luisa unexpectedly joins them on their trip and they embark on an unforgettable and unusual journey, exploring new geographical, psychological, and sexual terrain along the way. The trip challenges each traveler's preconceptions and stretches them to the limits of what they think possible.

The film stars Maribel Verdú s as Luisa, Gael García Bernal as Julio, and Diego Luna as Tenoch. It was the highest box office opening film in Mexico film history, raking in $2.2 million during the first weekend, and was regarded as an instant classic at the time of its release.