Women on the Market Background

Women on the Market Background

Women on the Market is a chapter in a philosophy book published by the French philosopher Luce Irigary. The chapter appears in the volume The sex which is not one and is generally considered as being an essay than can be studied on its own. The book was published in 1977 and it contains philosophical ideas as well as psychoanalysis and other personal commentaries.

The author analyzes the woman’s place in the modern society and her value and the way she is described it appears that women are more of a good that can be traded than anything else. She claims that a woman’s value is given by the society she lives in and that nowadays it is common for women to be traded among men as commodities.

Luce Irigary focuses on the differences between men and women and the value given to women in society. In fact, this seems to be the central theme in her writings and her decision to write about such matters made her a target for critics. However Luce Irigary never stopped writing and she is appreciated from her contribution to modern philosophy.

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