Women in Love

Women in Love Character List

Ursula Brangwen

The older Brangwen sister, Ursula is a schoolteacher. She is somewhat less worldly than her sister, Gudrun. She falls in love with Rupert Birkin after seeing him at the Crich wedding at the beginning of the novel. Though at first she believes marriage is a trap for women like her, she finds a way to navigate what is expected of women of her time, and what she desires.

Gudrun Brangwen

The younger Brangwen sister, she has recently returned from a life in the arts in London, where she spent time among the social elite. She falls for Gerald Crich upon seeing him at his sister’s wedding at the beginning of the novel. Gudrun is unique and temperamental, yearning for an artist's way of life as an escape from the drudgery of reality. But she struggles to reconcile her animalistic passion with her convictions.

Gerald Crich

The oldest son of Thomas Crich, he falls in love with Gudrun Brangwen. Gerald’s character is divided between a heroic, mythical soul of the past, and a keen modern intellect for pushing technological advancement in his family's mining company.

Rupert Birkin

A country school inspector who falls in love with Ursula Brangwen. Birkin’s character can be loosely associated with D.H. Lawrence himself. He is a spirited character with passionate ideas about developing creative souls, but he also suffers many physical ailments and sickness.

Hermione Roddice

A friend of the Crich family, she is also Rupert Birkin’s sometime lover. She is in love with Birkin, and wants to subjugate herself to him completely.

Mr. Thomas Crich

The chief owner of mines in the region around Beldover. His character represents a bygone era of English industry, and a Christian morality based on beneficence toward the poor and the working class.

Mrs. Christiana Crich

Thomas Crich’s wife and mother to Gerald. She is portrayed as a cold and distant women largely uninterested in her children's lives.

Laura Crich

One of the Crich daughters, her wedding takes place at the beginning of the novel


Laura Crich’s husband.

Minette Darrington

Also referred to as the Pussum, a young Bohemian Londoner whom Birkin knows and introduces to Gerald Crich. Gerald and Minette have a brief affair.

Julius Halliday

A roguish Bohemian of London, who owns the house in Soho where Rupert rents a room.

Maxim Libidnikov

A young Russian living in London, who is friends with Julius Halliday.

Miss Bradley

A guest at Hermione Roddice’s estate.

Palestra, the Italian Contessa

A guest at Hermione Roddice's estate.

Fraulein Marz

A guest at Hermione Roddice's estate.

Sir Joshua Mattheson

An English Baronet and famous sociologist, a guest at Hermione Roddice’s estate.

Alexander Roddice

Hermione’s brother and a member of the British Parliament.

Mrs. Salmon

The laborer’s wife at the mill house, where Rupert Birkin rents rooms.

Mrs. Daykin

Rupert Birkin’s landlady and servant at the mill house.

Dr. Brindall the younger

A guest at the Crich party who drowns in an attempt to save Diana Crich.

Tom Brangwen

Ursula and Gudrun’s father, he is a handicraft teacher with very conventional moral standards and beliefs. He resents Ursula and Gudrun’s independence.

Anna Brangwen

Ursula and Gudrun’s mother, she is fairly quite and reserved, but compassionate.

Billy Brangwen

Ursula and Gudrun’s young brother.

Dora Brangwen

Ursula and Gudrun’s young sister.

Mrs. Kirk

A Beldover resident. The Brangwen sisters stop at her cottage to buy honey.

Winifred Crich

Gerald’s youngest sibling and the apple of Mr. Crich’s eye, Winifred is artistically inclined and becomes Gudrun’s pupil.

Herr Professor

A German professor that Ursula, Gudrun, Gerald and Birkin meet in a hostel near Innsbruck.

Herr Loerke

A sculptor who is one of the hostel guests. He is a tiny and odd-looking man, who develops an affinity with Gudrun based on their mutual estimation of art.


Loerke’s companion, he is young and athletic and stands out against Loerke's creaturely appearance.

Diana Crich

Gerald's younger sister. She drowns during the Crich family water-party.

Doctor Brindell

The young doctor who dies while trying to save Diana Crich. Their bodies are found together the next morning, the girl's hands around the man's throat.