Winter in the Blood Background

Winter in the Blood Background

Winter in the Blood is a novel written by the Native American writer James Welch in the year 1974. In his novel, the author explores the consequences of Native culture clashing with White culture. The main character remains unknown and his name is never given, thus giving the impression that it is something experienced by the majority of the Indian people living in America.

James Welch included some autobiographical elements in his novel as well and the place where the action takes place is important as well because it is the Reservation where Welch was raised as a child. He also included in his novel teachings he was exposed to in his childhood and centered around topics of concern for the Native community.

Winter in Blood was the author’s debut novel and it is what made him known. The book became successful in a short period of time and it was eventually adapted into a movie with the same name. His novels made him successful in different countries and because of this he is generally considered as being the person who brought to the attention of the public matters concerning the Native community.

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