Windward Heights Background

Windward Heights Background

Windward Heights is a novel written by the French author Maryse Conde and published in the year 2008. The author writes in predominately in French but her books have been translated in various languages and made available to the public. Maryse is most interested in the Caribbean culture and different complex questions about race.

Maryse admitted that her novels and writing are either political or feminist and that she is not comfortable writing about other subjects. She was influenced by the British writer Emily Bronte and the novel Windward Heights is a retelling of the classic novel Wuthering Heights. The novel offers historical information about the Caribbean culture and history but unfortunately it is predictable for those who are already familiar with the original tale.

While it is a retelling, the author introduced her own ideas and themes into the novel, making it unique and interesting for everyone who wants to find more about the Caribbean culture and history.

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