Why Buddhism Is True Background

Why Buddhism Is True Background

Why Buddhism Is True or Why Buddhism Is True: The Science and Philosophy of Meditation and Enlightenment is a non-fiction book published in 2017 by the American author Robert Wright.

Robert Wright wrote extensively about religion and in this book in particular he analyzes the Buddhist religion. He began working on the book in the year 2014 and he analyzes Buddhism from a psychological point of view.

Robert Wright publicly admitted several times that he is not a religious man and does not believe in a God promoted by the mainstream religions in the world. He also was careful to not identify himself as an atheist either, claiming that while he does not believe in a certain God, he is a gnostic and thus believes that man does not have the capacity of proving whether God exists or not.

In his book, Robert Wright explains why he believes that Buddhism holds the answer to the question regarding the happiness of human kind. Robert Wright argues that the principles that existed in Buddhism can help us survive in our modern world and can help us find happiness in general. Also in his book, he analyses the positive aspects of meditation and how meditation can help us cope with various mental illnesses.

The book is remarkable not because it analyzes Buddhism from a historical point of view, but because it analyzes it from a scientific point of view and because it explains the reason why Buddhism is still relevant today.

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