White Oleander Background

White Oleander Background

White Oleander is a novel which was written by American author Janet Fitch in 1999. It is Bildungsroman novel, which is based on the psychological, moral and social formation of the personality of the protagonist. Little, Brown and Company published the novel in 1999. The book received mostly positive reviews of critics. It also was included in Oprah’s Book Club.

Fitch's novel immediately became a bestseller in her motherland and is the basis of the script of the eponymous film White Oleander 2002. This is a book about all-consuming hatred and endless love, which overcomes it. It is about blood ties that predetermine our lives in addition to our will. The book has a brutal war for the spiritual independence, which the main heroine Astrid declares it on her own mother.

The film significantly loses the book. Many capacious moments were cut out. Moreover, because the whole cruelty was lost, the rest of the film was no longer perceived so sharply. Ingrid does not cause such disgust and hatred in the film. Astrid’s life does not look so difficult. Unlike the best-selling novel, the film did not have a big response from the public in the US ($ 16.35 million box office - it is funny that the budget was $ 16 million).

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