White Is for Witching Background

White Is for Witching Background

Published in 2009, White Is for Witching is a novel by British novelist Helen Oyeyemi. A multifaceted novel structured off gothic roots but also venturing into the supernatural genre, it intrigues and captivates with an unforgettably unique setting and storyline.

White is for Witching centers around a girl named Miranda Silver, who as a child, develops a rare eating disorder that causes her to have the urge to consume non-edible objects. Her condition further comes into play when the Silver House where she lives with her brother and father after her mother's untimely death becomes more and more agitated. The house is haunted by generations of spirits, who Miranda feels an inescapable attraction and attunation towards.

White is for Witching received generally positive reviews for its eccentric plot, as well as Oyeyemi's distinct narrative grace. Its idiosyncratic spooky to the point of almost disturbing tone makes it a must-read for lovers of the horror and supernatural genres.

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