White Fang

White Fang Character List


one of two sled drivers in Part I who are pursued by a pack of hungry wolves. He is eventually killed by the wolves.


the other sled driver who is rescued by other men just as the wolves are closing in on him.


the she-wolf who appears in Parts I and II of the novel. She is responsible for luring away the sled dogs for food for the hungry wolves. Kiche is the mother of White Fang.


father to White Fang who is killed by a lynx when White Fang is still a cub.

White Fang

the protagonist of the novel. He is the epitome of the "survival of the fittest" as he is the only one of his litter to survive a famine. He gains a reputation as one of the most ferocious dogs in the Northland, but eventually is civilized.

Gray Beaver

the Indian who owns White Fang and his mother. He is the master that teaches White Fang the lessons of the gods. He is a neutral master, neither as cruel as Beauty Smith, nor as kind as Weedon Scott. Gray Beaver eventually trades his dog for the white man's whiskey.


Gray Beaver's wife.


Gray Beaver's son. He is responsible for the sled dog team that White Fang will lead.


One of the dogs in the Indian camp. He is responsible for making White Fang's life miserable, but ultimately is killed by White Fang.

Beauty Smith

a very ugly and cruel man who tricks Gray Beaver into selling him White Fang in exchange for whiskey. He turns White Fang into the "Fighting Wolf" by constantly tormenting him, both physically and emotionally. He has White Fang fight other dogs in order to earn money.

Tim Keenan

owner of the bulldog, Cherokee.


the bulldog that almost kills White Fang. He is the only dog to ever get close to killing White Fang.

Weedon Scott

an important gold miner who rescues White Fang. He represents the good in life and is able to transform the wolf into a civilized animal.


Weedon Scott's assistant. Also a kind and compassionate, he feeds the dog also has a part in his rehabilitation.

Judge and Alice Scott

Weedon Scott's parents who live on a large farm in California

Beth Scott

Weedon Scott's sister

Jim Hall

a criminal that Judge Scott has sent to prison. He escapes and tries to kill Judge Scott but is stopped by White Fang.


a female sheep-dog living on the Scott estate in California. At first she is totally put off by White Fang but later comes to care for him as they become the parents of a litter of puppies.