Where the Mountain Meets the Moon Background

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon Background

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon is a children’s novel written by the American writer and illustrator Grace Lin. The novel was published in 2008 and was received extremely well by the public. Where the Mountain Meets the Moon is the first book from a series of three children’s books and they are all inspired by the Chinese folklore.

The reason why Grace Lin decided to inspire her books from the Chinese folklore is because she has Asian origins. While Grace was born in America, her parents were immigrants from Taiwan and she continued to maintain a close connection with her parents’ culture.

The main character of the novel is a little girl who lives in a poor village with her parents. While her life is tough, her only enjoyments are the stories told by her father. The village is cursed because it lies near a God and the main character looks for a way to bring prosperity to the village. The little girl begins her journey, freeing a dragon and becoming his companion. The two then start their journey, protecting one another and becoming closer as the days pass by.

The book was well received and thus the author decided to write two sequels to it. In 2009 the novel was awarded the Newbery Honor and then it was translated into various languages. The writer also revealed that the film rights for the book have been bought but she remained unsure wheatear a movie based on the books will ever appear. Despite this, the novel is still considered an important contribution to the literary world.

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