When My Brother Was an Aztec Background

When My Brother Was an Aztec Background

Written by Natalie Diaz, a former women's international professional basketball player who returned to Old Dominion University to pursue a writing degree, When My Brother Was An Aztec is a collection of prose and poetry. The book is Diaz's breakout debut in novel form.

In When My Brother Was An Aztec, Diaz explores the at times harsh narrative of growing up in a Native American family in the modern United States, as well as the complex relationships with friends and family members through poetry. Her poems are revealing and sensitive, unveiling a profound and emotional story that plays out through the pages of the book.

Diaz's writing has been praised for its lyrical tone, and she is an author who is unafraid to tackle difficult subjects. Her work has also been published in U.S. literary journals such as the Prairie Schooner, the Iowa Review, and the Crab Orchard Review, among many others.

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