West Side Story (1961 film)

West Side Story (1961 film) Glossary

immigrant (noun)

a person whom comes to one country from another with the intention of living there permanently.

depraved (adjective)

morally corrupt, wicked, sexually deviant.

rumble (noun)

a no-holds-barred fight between rival gang members.

turf (noun)

slang term for a gang's "territory."

hoodlum (noun)

a person who engages in crime and violence.

delinquent (noun)

showing or characterized by a tendency to commit crime, particularly minor crime.

neurosis (noun)

excessive and irrational anxiety or obsession.

sociology (noun)

the study of social problems and their causes.

soda jerk (noun)

the person at an old fashioned drug store who made milkshakes and other types of beverages.

curfew (noun)

a legally mandated point in time at which affected residents are no longer allowed to occupy public places.

clinched (adjective)

affirmatively and conclusively settled and agreed upon.

hooligans (noun)

a group of young troublemakers.

refined (adjective)

cultured in appearance and with a sense of good taste.

entrancing (adjective)

capable of attracting and holding interest; charming.

antisocial (adjective)

devoid of or antagonistic to sociable instincts or practices.

juvenile (adjective)

relating to young people.

deprived (adjective)

lacking the basic essential necessities.

orphan (noun)

a person whose parents have died.

lousy (adjective)

lacking in quality.

bugging (noun)

annoying someone.