Weber: Political Writings Background

Weber: Political Writings Background

Max Weber is a German writer known for his philosophical and political writings. Born in Prussia, Max Weber grew up to be one of the most influential philosophers of his era, his writings inspiring other great thinkers such as Karl Marx.

Weber was born into a wealthy family and thus he was offered a great education. He studied law and then served in the military for a couple of years before returning to University and completing his studies. Weber became interested in politics while he was still a student and he became critic towards the immigration of Polish workers in Germany. While he was not against the influx of workers, Max Weber was against the exploitation of the poor workers by the German elite.

The book Weber: Political Writings is a compilation of Weber’s lectures and various essays. The lecture "The Nation State and Economic Policy" , the lecture in which Weber talks about the Polish immigrants is included in the compilation as well as other lectures and essays. The other essays included are Policy, Suffrage and Democracy in Germany, Parliament and Government in Germany under a New Political Order, Socialism and The Profession and Vocation of Politics.

Studying his essays and work are extremely important considering that many influential philosophers from the 20th century were influenced in some way or another by Weber’s writings.

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