Watership Down Essay Questions

Essay Questions

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    It has been suggested that Watership Down contains religious symbolism of many religions. Do you agree with this?

    The stories that feature El-ahrairah mimic certain elements of real-world religion. Although the rabbits do not worship in the traditional sense, they do believe passionately in El-ahrairah, which suggests that they lean towards spirituality rather than actual religious belief. At the end of the novel it is El-ahrairah who comes to meet Hazel as he leaves his earthly body behind suggesting a similarity with an entrance through the gates of Heaven.Similarly, the god-like creature Frith is seen as a creator. This would suggest that the rabbits have a religious belief with religious figures that mirror those that are the cornerstones of real work religions.

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    What are the main qualities that make Hazel a good leader?

    Although he is by no means the biggest or strongest rabbit, and has no previous leadership experience, Hazel really comes into his own during the escape to freedom. He is intelligent and thoughtful and ready to listen; he respects the skills of others and is not afraid to let others shine, never envious of a good idea which in turn gives others the vonfidence to become part of the effort. He raises his counterparts up and brings out their best. He is very level headed and courageous which enables him to go into situations that are terrifying and calmly execute the plan. He is sincere and hard working and the type of personality that is easy to respect and admire.

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