Water for Elephants Quotes


“Keep friends close and enemies even closer”.


Friends are very important people in life of every person. They are the nearest people, who always help at the difficult moment and you can trust them with your secrets. But this novel is not about friendship. In the present case it is about enemies. The author is right. Everybody should learn a lot of new things about enemies and always know what they intend to do. You should keep such people closer, because it is easier to get to know about betrayal and awful deeds. August does not think that Jacob is his enemy, but he suspects something about Marlena and Jacob. And this suspicion forces Jacob to be August's bitterest enemy. What is the use of that? Yes, his suspicion about Marlena's unfaithfulness has been confirmed, but this is August's fault. As it turned out, he is a cruel husband and he kept his enemy too bad.

“When two people are meant to be together, they will be together. It's fate”.


What is fate? People often think about the meaning of this word. Somebody believes that every person was born with a predestined fate. But others are sure that we can choose fate and it depends on our actions and circumstances. The main character Jacob is confident that you cannot be the arbiter of your own destiny. Everything is dependent on God. If to be frankly, Marlena and Jacob are meant to be together. They have the same fate and they cannot escape it. Fate of love is very unpredictable, because we cannot know exactly who will be our husband or wife, when we will meet our love and whether we will have a happy life. Destiny of a man is the most mysterious fact and it forces Jacob to analyze his deeds and intelligently plan the future life.

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