Walk Two Moons Metaphors and Similes

Walk Two Moons Metaphors and Similes

Simile of the Wolf

"Being a mother is like trying to hold a wolf by the ears"

Gram compares being a mother to doing something that is absolutely impossible. Even if one tries to hold a wolf by the ears the results are complaints and resistance and nobody is ever prepared to make it easy - this metaphor illustrates how difficult being a mother is.

Simile of the Newly Born Horse

The letter Y looked like the newly born horse standing up on his thin legs.

Sal likens Mr Birkway's handwriting to the spindly, shaky legs of a new born horse because it looks as if the skinny downward stroke of the letter Y cannot possibly hold up the weight of the rest of the letter, in the same way that it does not look like a foal's skinny legs can hold himself up either.

Simile of the Magnet

There was something about Phoebe that was like a magnet.

Phoebe is demanding, over-dramatic and horribly blunt which would make it hard to like her but there is something about her that draws people to her and attracts people into her world despite this.

Simile of the Hobby Horse

"These roads are a dinger," Gramps said, but he was like airless kid riding a hobby horse.

Although he is aware of the difficulty navigating the roads, Gramps is not nervous or cautious but is approaching them at speed with the enthusiasm and speed of a child who is barreling down the street on a hobby horse.

Simile of the Horse on Its Side

The bus lay on its side like an old, sick horse.

The bus was a large, impressive beast of a vehicle when upright but now lies motionless on its side unable to right itself again. This is like a horse who has lay down on its side when sick, it's imposing magnificence gone but its size still apparent, unable to get up and keep going.

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