Wadjda Characters

Wadjda Character List


Wadjda is a young Saudi girl who desires to buy a green bike. She makes bracelets in order to sell to earn the SR800 it costs. She then enters a Quran recital competition at school which has a cash prize of SR1000. She ends up winning the prize, but her money is donated to Palestine on her behalf. In the end, her mother purchases the bike for her after her father has left her and her mother.


Wadjda's mother can no longer have children, and almost died giving birth to Wadjda. Because of her inability to give birth to children, her husband's family looks for another wife for him. In the end, her husband leaves, but she buys the bicycle for her daughter.


Abdullah is a friend of Wadjda's who has a bike. Wadjda desires to race Abdullah and beat him in a race. Abdullah's uncle is a highly regarded politician in Saudi Arabia.

Ms. Hussa

Ms. Hussa is the principal at Wadjda's school. She is strict on Wadjda and the other girls. When Wadjda wins the Quran recital competition and says she will use the money to buy a bicycle, Ms. Hussa takes her prize money to donate it to the Muslim brothers in Palestine rather than let her keep it for a purpose she deems as immoral.

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