V For Vendetta Background

V For Vendetta Background

In a time not far from now, Britain is run by one man, a dictator who runs through fear with torture cells, unjust punishments. However in this fearful society, a man known only by theletter V stands up against this government and is instantly slammed as a terrorist. On his opening night V saves a young woman named Evey Hammond and the two share a unlikely bond as Evey becomes V's ally. While V is quite charismatic and possesses a mighty passion for justice, he also is bitter and weilds his own personal hatred of the dictator for the bruytality and harm they did to him and others long ago. As the 5th of November approaches, V claims he and those who follow him will stand up against the government in a end all approach and take over of the government, including him blowing up the government building. Detective Finch makes it his mission to find the truth about V, however what he finds leads him to question whether he is on the right side or not.

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