Utilitarianism Character List

Jeremy Bentham

The founder of modern utilitarianism, Bentham was a philosopher, jurist and law reformer. Born in England in 1748, Bentham was a teacher to both Mill and his father and author of numerous treatises and works on economics and philosophy. His definition of Utilitarianism is founded upon the "greatest happiness principle", or the notion that one must act in a manner that can lead to the greatest pleasure for individual and mankind, within reason. Mill expanded on this theory in his own work. Bentham is also considered on of the earliest proponents of animal rights.

Thomas Carlyle

A Scottish philosopher and essayist in Mill's circle known for his canonical account The French Revolution: A History.

Immanuel Kant

18th century Prussian philosopher Immanuel Kant is most widely known for his work, "Critique of Pure Reason", concerning the relationship between reason and human nature.

Herbert Spencer

A Victorian philosopher and scientist who was influenced by his contemporary Mill, and his treatise Logic.