Two or Three Things I Know for Sure Background

Two or Three Things I Know for Sure Background

Two or Three Things I Know for Sure is a novel written by Dorothy Allison and published in 1995. Allison has written other books, including the novel Bastard Out of Carolina, which was a finalist for the 1992 National Book Award. She has won many awards for her fiction novels, and in this novel, Allison creates a complex memoir that connects her family’s history and the gossip that accompanied every story to the legends that are now passed down her family.

Complete with photographs from Dorothy’s own collection, Two or Three Things I Know for Sure artfully narrates the lives of the Gibson women, part of the immediate or extended family, including sisters, daughters, cousins, and aunts. In addition, the men who were in these women’s lives are also included; whether they were loving caretakers and partners or heartless abusers, they all shared a destiny. Through her honest portrayal of family life, Allison explores the wisdom that experiences provokes and the strength of the human spirit.

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