Tusk and Stone Background

Tusk and Stone Background

Tusk and Stone is a novel written by Malcolm Bosse and published in 1995. Bosse is an author who graduated from Yale University and also served in the Navy. He has written many novels that are set in Asia, capturing much of the cultural and historical richness of his settings. Most of Bosse’s novels are historical fiction, and have accurate information in the plot.

The protagonist of Tusk and Stone is named Arjun. He is traveling with his sister and his uncle in a caravan, when suddenly, robbers attack and murder almost everyone on the caravan. Arjun’s uncle is murdered; the rest of the caravan is murdered. Arjun’s sister is kidnapped and Arjun hears nothing about her for the next part of his life. Arjun himself is sold to the army and becomes an elephant driver. He basically becomes a slave and cares for his elephants. Despite this difficulty, he becomes a legendary warrior, but his luck doesn’t last.

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