Troilus and Criseyde


  • Achilles, a Greek warrior
  • Antenor, a soldier held captive by the Greeks, traded for Criseyde's safety, eventually betrays Troy
  • Calchas, a Trojan prophet who joins the Greeks
  • Criseyde, Calchas' daughter
  • Diomede, woos Criseyde in the Greek Camp
  • Helen, wife to Menelaus, lover of Paris
  • Pandarus, Criseyde's uncle, who advises Troilus in the wooing of Criseyde
  • Priam, King of Troy
  • Cassandra, Daughter of Priam, a prophetess at the temple of Apollo
  • Hector, Prince of Troy, fierce warrior and leader of the Trojan armies
  • Troilus, Youngest son of Priam, and wooer of Criseyde
  • Paris, Prince of Troy, lover of Helen
  • Deiphobus, Prince of Troy, aids Troilus in the wooing of Criseyde

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