Travel Team Background

Travel Team Background

Travel Team is a novel for young adults written by renowned sports journalist Mike Lupica. Drawing from his own experiences as a short guy who was constantly under-estimated because of his lack of height, Lupica tells the story of highly gifted basketball player Danny Walker, the twelve year old son of professional basketball star Richie Walker. Danny is the best point guard on his team with a passion nobody can match but because he is short he is dropped from his travel team. His father starts a team if his own, made up of all of the outcasts from local teams, and the novel becomes a celebration of the underdog and our tendency to root for them.

Mike Lupica intended this novel to be for the teen reader but it also appeals to adults because of its likable characters and knowledge of the sport. This is his first novel for teens, and although he has written several best selling books is best known for his syndicated sports column in the New York Post and his regular appearances as a panelist on the ESPN show The Sports Reporters.

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