Tokyo Story Quotes


"They're selfish. Demanding things and leaving like this."


Kyoko says this to Noriko after her brother and sister leave so abruptly after their mother's funeral. It shows that Kyoko is not the same as her brother and sister, that she views the world differently than them from a perspective that is of the old culture like her parents. Whereas her brother and sister represent the new culture that is focused on progress and not relationship.

"Anyway, this place is meant for the younger generation."


Shukichi says this to his wife after seeing that their children have sent them to a place to rest without considering that this fast paced hotel looks nothing like the kind of rest that they desire. It shows that their children don't know who they are anymore. And it hurts their feelings.

"She was so big when I was little that I used to feel ashamed in front of my friends. Once in school, a chair broke under her."


Shige makes a big deal about something that's happened in her past. This quote shows that she continues to hold on to the embarassment of her past and hurts her mother casually with her mentioning this to her decades later. It shows she cares very little for the feelings of her mother and for their relationship.

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