To The Memory of Mr. Oldham Background

To The Memory of Mr. Oldham Background

The poem was written by John Dryden who grieved the death of the poet John Oldham, whom Dryden admired as a “ generous and vigorous “ poet who can breaks the rule of simply writing “ to the dull sweets of rhyme.”

The whole poem is lamenting that the young poet Oldham died too young and exclaims that their souls are “ near allied and thine “ . He also declares the contemporary of being a young poet ----“ when poets are by too much forced betrayed “ , and using the first person tone to claim passionately about unfair treatment about this vigorous poet “the gloomy night and fate” surround this genuine around and it is such a loss for the entire literary class.

The poem was written in 1684 (Oldham died in 1683), and some resources show that John Oldham was died at the age of thirty and John Dryden was twenty-two- year- old older than the young poet . However, John also addressed the public “What could advancing age have added more?” , and in other words , he denied that have an elder age doesn’t mean a better poet . The whole tone of the poem is grief and it truly inspired readers to think more about the life experiment and achievement of Mr. Oldham .

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