Three Tall Women Background

Three Tall Women Background

Three Tall Women is a two-act play by Edward Albee. It was first performed at the English Theater in Vienna, Austria under the direction of Albee himself and starring American actress Myra Carter, who won several awards for the performance.

In 1994, Three Tall Women made its New York debut at the Vineyard Theater, once again starring Myra Carter. The same year, the play premiered at the Wyndhams Theater in London's West End. The London production, as well as its 2011 revival, were directed by Anthony Page and starred Maggie Smith.

Three Tall Women received critical acclaim and numerous awards including the 1994 Pulitzer Prize for Drama (the third of its kind to be awarded to Albee) and the 1994 New York Drama Critics Circle Award. Albee himself has also received numerous awards for lifetime achievement, Tony Award nominations, and other honors for his contributions to the fields of drama and literature.

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