This Is My Letter to the World Background

This Is My Letter to the World Background

This Is My Letter to the World’ is a short poem written by famed American poet, Emily Dickinson, and is thought to have been published around 1862.

The poem resolves around Dickinson’s despair at not having gotten to know the world that she writes to avidly about. She touches on themes of isolation and sadness, emotions that were heavily featured in her adult life, and have been explored similarly in other poems of hers.

The poem itself is nor regarded as a poem, but instead a ‘letter’ – this could indeed be true, as Dickinson was known to communicate through letters in order to preserve her seclusion.

The poem has had a profound impact on literature and continues to be explored heavily by poets today, highlighting the mark that Dickinson’s work has made on the very world she thought rejected her.

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