This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate Glossary

This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate Glossary


A legal code in which the severity of the punishment far outweighs damage done by the violation.


A stripped down approach to confronting a situation in which only the barest necessities are considered vital.


Having been best by an extraordinary set of difficulties.


A truth or story being told in which the veracity or historical authenticy remains in doubt, but it neverthless taken for gospel by some.


Relating to the origination or beginning.


An ideological perspective that favors true equality and equitable distribution or rights and privileges.


Angry and highly critical speech delivered with fiery emotion without regard to feelings of others.


Done with a sense of greed and desire so intense it verges on a literal hunger.

magical thinking

The idea that global problems like climate change can be solved using market-based solutions .


Arcane knowledge capable of being understood by an elite few.

climate change

Extreme changes in global weather patterns not entirely attributable to natural causes, but which have been stimulated by man-made evolutions in society and which can be reversed or at least slowed if addressed in a timely fashion and serious manner.


Incapable of being justified or supported with evidence.


A torrential rainfalls wich stimulates flooding and has the potential to cause very serious and costly damage.


Unstoppable, unavoidable and inevitable usually conveying an end result that is going to be unpleasant


To coerce someone into doing something against their will or best interest.


Possessing the quality of causing potentially great harm that cannot be undone.


To reluctantly agree without protest to something one really doesn't want to do.


Any person who subscribes to an economic ideology in whic profit is often placed above principles and even self-interest even if they themseves are actually profiting less by investing in this financial system than they would by subscribing to a different ideology.


Political ideology originating in the1960s which advocates policies of economic development based on liberal agendas as a means of ultimately securing liberty where it does not currently exist.


Speech or writing which is awkwardly quarrelsome in defense of a political belief to the point that its argumentative combativeness becomes too shrill for its message to be effective.

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