There Was a Country Characters

There Was a Country Character List

Chinua Achebe

The author explains his own life in the memoir before turning to explain the violent history of his home land. Life in Africa is not dissimilar to life anywhere. As a young person, Achebe was politically progressive and committed to justice. He longed for an college education, but when given the choice to make a family or go to school, he picks his wife. Nevertheless, he is one of the most important African novelists and essayists of his generation.

The Igbo people

The Igbo people are not happy with their representation in the new Nigerian government. There seems to be a natural division between Igbo territory and Nigerian territory, so the Igbo people of the East declare their independence. When their new country, the Republic of Biafra, is denounced by the Nigerian government, a horrible civil war erupts.


The Nigerian government is an attempt to amalgamate the forces of several African tribes in that region into one government, so that the people can be rid of British rule. After all, the British were basically exploiting the land of all its natural resources and giving nothing in return to the Nigerians. The Nigerian government is unstable in this narrative, because the tribes will not squash their inter-tribal conflicts.

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