The Young Elites

The Young Elites Character List

Adelina Amouteru/ “White Wolf”/kami gourgaem

A 16 year-old Young Elite that has the power to create illusions. At the beginning of The Young Elites she doesn’t realize that the blood fever gave her powers. Rather, she thinks the only effects of the fever are her hair turning silver and her losing her eye. She has a complicated relationship with her father and is somewhat resentful of her younger sister, Violetta. She struggles with her inner darkness and is distrustful of people and their motives.

Violetta Amouteru

Adelina’s 14-year-old sister. At the beginning of the novel it appears that she survived the blood fever unscathed and unmarked. Because of her perfect, unmarred beauty she is her father’s favorite daughter. She is loyal to Adelina and tries to protect her from their father’s wrath when she can.

Sir Martino Amouteru

The father of Adelina and Violetta. A callous, calculating man who thinks of his daughters as investments. He was once a successful merchant, but after the blood fever struck his trade relations suffered, resulting in the stagnation of his business.

The Young Elites

A name given to specific malfettos that emerged from the blood fever with supernatural abilities. They are feared by most and hunted by the Inquisition. Most of them are of teenager years, which is why they are called Young Elites.

Inquisitors Axis

Also known as the king’s peacekeepers, they are essentially the police force of Kenettra. Led by Teren Santoro, they hunt down and kill Young Elites.

Enzo Valenciano/ “The Reaper”

One of the most notorious Young Elites, Enzo is the founder and leader of The Dagger Society. He has the ability to create fire. He uses the alias “The Reaper” to keep his actual identity as the former crown prince of Kenettra a secret from the Inquisition. With the support of the Dagger Society and other Young Elites he hopes to take back the crown and make Kenettra a safe place for malfetto.

Master Teren Santoro

Teren is the Leader of the Inquisition and the queen’s right hand. He is considered too young for the position he holds, but the aristocracy respects him nonetheless. He has made it his mission to rid the world of malfettos, particularly the Young Elites.

The Dagger Society

Founded by Enzo Valenciano, the Dagger Society is a group composed of Young Elites that use their powers in an offensive manner. They aim to find other Young Elites before they fall into the crosshairs of the Inquisition and to take what they see as their proper place in the world order.

Queen Giulietta I

The current queen of Kenettra. She stripped Enzo of his crown after he came out of the blood fever marked, and banished him permanently from the palace. She has a mysterious relationship with Teren.

Raffaele Laurent Bessette/ “The Messenger”

A consort at the Fortunata Court, Raffaele is Enzo’s right hand. Known as the Messenger because of his ability to sense other Young Elites, he helps the Dagger Society find and recruit malfettos with powers.

Dante/ “The Spider”

A member of the Dagger Society, Dante has the power to see in complete darkness. He and Adelina have a strained and hostile relationship.

Lucent/ “Windwalker”

A member of the Dagger Society, Lucent has the powers of the wind. Like the wind, she can whistle, scream, howl, and uproot things and people from the earth. She was exiled from the Skyland Nation of Beldain under mysterious circumstances.

Lady Gemma Salvatore/ “Star Thief”

A member of the Dagger Society, Gemma’s alias comes from a Kenettran folk story about a hero that could steal anything. She can steal the minds of beasts, and make them do her bidding.

Michel/ “The Architect”

A member of the Dagger Society, Michel has the ability to unwind anything he touches, and reform in a different spot.

Daphne Chouryana

A non-malfetto Tamouran girl who was in love with Enzo, Daphne was an apprentice at an apothecary. For helping malfettos, she was killed by the Inquistion prior to the beginning of the novel.

The Rose Society

A society of Young Elites founded by Adelina Amouteru after Raffaele kicks her out of the Dagger Society.

Maeve Jacqueline Kelly Corrigan

The crown princess of the Skyland nation of Beldain, Maeve has the power to bring the dead back to life.

Tristan Corrigan

One of Maeve’s 7 brothers, Tristan was the first person Maeve resurrected. Although he is alive, he is now a shadow of his former self and only obeys his sister.