The Young and the Damned Background

The Young and the Damned Background

Originally a Mexican film, The Young and the Damned is the English film translation for Los Olvidados. Released in 1950, the film was directed by Luis Buñuel, running just 80 minutes. Distributed by Koch-Lorber Films, the movie was heavily criticized for simply not being a good film when it was released. However, when it Luis Buñuel won the award for best director for the movie (At the 1951 Cannes Film Festival), people suddenly changed their mind about the movie. Today, the film is still revered as a "masterpiece" and occasionally shown on television.

Luis Buñuel was born in the year 1900, and lived to be a very important and influential director. He even worked in the time of silent films, some of which that he helped create being quite well known (for the time). Although not one of his best known movies, The Young and the Damned made Luis Buñuel more famous than before and spread his popularity.

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