The Winter's Tale



  • Leontes – The King of Sicily, and the childhood friend of the Bohemian King Polixenes.
  • Hermione – The virtuous and beautiful Queen of Sicily.
  • Camillo – An honest Sicilian nobleman.
  • Paulina – A noblewoman of Sicily.
  • Antigonus – Paulina's husband, and also a loyal friend of Hermione.
  • Dion – A lord of Sicily.
  • Cleomenes – A Sicilian lord.
  • Mamillius – The young prince of Sicily, Leontes and Hermione's son.
  • Emilia – One of Hermione's ladies-in-waiting.
  • Gaoler – Charged with imprisoning Hermione.
  • Mariner – His ship takes Antigonus to Bohemia.


  • Polixenes – The King of Bohemia, and Leontes's boyhood friend.
  • Florizel – Polixenes's only son and heir.
  • Perdita – The daughter of Leontes and Hermione, unaware of her royal lineage.
  • Shepherd – An old and honorable sheep-tender.
  • Clown – or Young Shepherd, the Old Shepherd's buffoonish son, and Perdita's adopted brother.
  • Autolycus – A roguish peddler, vagabond, and pickpocket.
  • Mopsa – A shepherdess, in love with Young Shepherd.
  • Dorcas – A shepherdess, in love with Young Shepherd.

Other Characters

  • Archidamus – A lord of Bohemia, visiting Sicilia with his king.
  • Lords, servants, gentlemen, ladies in Sicilia
  • Shepherds, shepherdesses, servants in Bohemia

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