The Winner Stands Alone Background

The Winner Stands Alone Background

The Winner Stands Alone is the name given to the thirteen novel published by the Portuguese author, Paulo Coelho in the year 2008. Paulo Coelho is best known for his novel The Alchemist, the novel that made him famous and the novel that made him one of the best contemporary writers of our times. He is considered as being one of the most influential inspirational authors of our times and while some of his books are autobiographical, the vast majority are works of fiction.

In The Winner Stands Alone, Coelho analyzes the lives of different characters belonging to the upper-class. The characters come from different backgrounds and are all involved in different professions but their lives mingle together and influence one another. The action in the novel takes place in only one day and thus the events are concentrated in a short period of time.

While the novel did not became as famous as its predecessor or successor, it is still an excellent example of Coelho's literary talent.

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