The Wild Duck Irony

The Wild Duck Irony

Court favor

While Werle’s guests were trying to come up with witty remarks about importance of sunshine for grapes, Mrs. Sorby didn’t miss a chance to show her attitude towards them. She reminded them that they did “depend on sunshine” very much. Keeping in mind a fact that the majority of the guests were chamberlains and sunshine Mrs. Sorby referred to was Court of Favor, it was an elaborate irony. She meant that all of them wouldn’t be here if they weren’t lucky to occupy high positions.

The true master of the house

Werle might be the owner of his house, but he is not the one, who sets rules there. Although Mrs. Sorby and Werle keep their intention to marry in a secret, she behaves as if she owns the place. The irony is that guests have to ask her whether they have “cherished right to smoke” and not the legitimate owner of the house.

Family issues

When the guests leave the party, the father and the son are finally can have a word. However, Gregers is not very happy to stay with his father under the same roof. He says “don’t let us be nice in our choice of words – not we are alone together”. The bitter irony of these words is that there is no need to try to save face when there is no one around to see them.

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