The War of the Worlds Background

The War of the Worlds Background

The War of the Worlds is a classic science fiction novel by the author H.G. Wells. It was released in serial form in 1897. The War of the Worlds was released as a book in 1898, through William Heinemann of London. It is a very popular book, that has been frequently adapted. Additionally, it has never gone out of print.Well’s was already a quite well known author at this point. He had released his first main science fiction novels, which were The Time Machine and The Invisible Man.

Wells was originally known for his science fiction, but with time his novels became more and more focused on politics. He was an outspoken socialist, and he frequently sympathized with pacifist views. Wells often wrote about English society, and different books of his focused on different social strata. He was compared to Charles Dickens in this regard. Wells had been heavily trained in biology, and as a result, many of his books have a scientific aspect. Wells was a heavy believer in Darwinism and this shines in his discussions on matters of ethics. He is considered one of the most key science fiction writers of all time, and is an inspiration to many writers worldwide.

The War of the Worlds focuses on the invasion of the British countryside by aliens from Mars. It is narrated by a nameless protagonist, who seeks safety in the midst of the relentless destruction caused by the Martians. It is written as a factual account. No main characters are named, and most of the novel focuses on events. The War of The Worlds is heavily influenced by science. Wells’s work frequently focused on making scientific concepts accessible to the British populace. In 1894, an astronomer thought that he had seen lights on the surface of Mars that indicated life on the planet. This inspired Wells to write the book. The novel was published after an essay about life on Mars was published by Wells in 1896. A less prevalent inspiration for the novel was the unification of Germany. This led to a number of novel being published describing the invasion of Britain by a foreign power. These were written in a factual manner, which likely inspired Wells’s when he was writing.

The War of the World’s geography is very accurate, as its setting is Wells’s home. He moved to Woking, where the novel takes place, in 1895 with his second wife. Well’s distinctly remembered biking around town and imagining that all the houses were burning, which helped inspire the novel. The War of the Worlds has been adapted quite frequently. The most famous is likely the 1938 radio broadcast, which was narrated by actor Orson Welles. It is so famous because it inspired mass panic and hysteria. Listeners didn’t realize that it was a play, and thought that aliens were actually invading. Another well-known adaptation is the 2005 film, which stars Tom Cruise.

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