The Voyage Out Background

The Voyage Out Background

Virginia Woolf is a world-famous creative writer, critic, and theorist of modernism. The Voyage Out is Woolf's first novel, the characters of which go overseas to relax on the coast of South America. As Woolf's descriptions reveal, the characters of The Voyage Out turn out to be extraordinary both in thought and in action. The main character, young Rachel Winres, is faced with different people - politicians, writers, scientists. She experiences real love and begins to understand what is valuable in human relations - and what is nothing more than tinsel.

The Voyage Out is an unusual work that goes beyond all the other novels of the time in certain technical respects. In her idiosyncratic way, Virginia Woolf looks at the world, and her own manner of writing is already being pursued in this early narrative. On the pages of the novel, the author raises various topical issues of her time, as well as important questions that any person might ask himself or herself. In general, this novel can be categorized as a novel meant to foster the soul.

The Voyage Out was published in 1915. Though the novel did not bring its author immediate success, Virginia Woolf entered the world of serious literature with this early endeavor, and continued developing and mastering her talent so that she could write the masterpieces which she is most famous for: Mrs. Dalloway, The Waves, and To the Lighthouse.

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