The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox Irony

The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox Irony

Esme the Inknown Girl

Iris is disquieted that she has no knowledge of Esme and that she was unaware she existed but comes to find out that the "unknown girl" standing next to her grandmother Kitty in her favorite photograph is actually Esme. This is ironic because far from not knowing that Esme exists, Iris has actually had her picture on the wall for years.

Kitty's Memory of Esme

Kitty managed to completely forget that Esme ever existed after she took Esme's son from him. However as her dementia takes hold she begins to tell the story of Esme and the circumstances that led to the family abandoning her. This is ironic because typically when a person has dementia they are less able to remember things but in Kitty's case this in when her memories become the most illuminating.

Esme's Child Being Taken

Esme's son is taken from her by Kitty and she is then abandoned by her family and never sees them again. Iris is a stranger to all intents and purposes yet she reaches out to Esme who realizes quickly that her son, Robert, is actually Iris' father. This is ironic because despite her family's efforts to keep her from her child by abandoning her, their abandonment brings Iris into her life, connecting her again with her son and the family they were trying to keep her from.

Iris' Resemblance to Esme's Mother

Iris visually resembles Esme's mother very strongly; ironically she is the antithesis of her in character and personality and this brings Esme some amusement and a feeling of getting back at her mother for her superficiality and cruelty.

Esme's Insanity

Esme was declared mentally incompetent yet ironically she was competent enough to recognize what her doctors wanted her to say and what they wanted to hear.

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