The Truth About Forever Summary

The Truth About Forever Summary

Macy has just lost her father and she is experiencing great sadness over this. She used to love going for runs with her father, but after his death she stopped because it reminded her of him.

Macy attempts to share her feelings of sadness with her boyfriend Jason via email and she also tells him that she loves him. However, he decides that they need a break and Macy is left broken-hearted and worse.

As a distraction to take her mind of her feelings, Macy decided to get a job at Wish Catering. Here she meets Wes, a delinquent whose mother died from cancer. Macy’s own mother has cocooned herself in her misery after her husband’s death and as such has taken overtime at work, so Macy hardly ever sees her.

Macy is later invited to a work party, where Macy forms a friendship with Kristy. Kristy tells her that life needs to be enjoyed and that she should move away from the sadness. Macy and Wes are later stranded and they decide to play a game of truth, where she admits to him about the death of her father and her home situation. Wes reveals that he has gone on a break with his girlfriend.

Macy’s mother learns of the relationship between the two and discourages it. However, Macy decides to tell Wes how she feels about him, but instead catches him with Becky. Distraught, Macy leaves.

Macy then invests her time into helping her mother organize a party and the two grow closer and share their feelings with each other. She also finds out that Wes has separated from his girlfriend. She and Wes decide to form a relationship and the two begin her running sessions again.

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