The Trials of Brother Jero

The Trials of Brother Jero Character List

Brother Jero

Brother Jero is the main character of the play and the leader of his self-organized Brotherhood of Jero. He is a “suave” and false prophet who preaches to the community in hopes of attracting more followers. Although claiming to have been born a prophet, Jero frequently admits to his acts of deception and above all else desires to be held in high esteem as "Brother Jero, Articulate Hero of Christ’s Crusade."

Old Prophet

The Old Prophet is Brother Jero’s former tutor, whom Brother Jero later drove off his own land. He appears only in the first scene, in which he curses Brother Jero for his maltreatment.


Chume is one of Brother Jero’s most loyal and trusting assistants, a chief messenger in the local government office. Chume is trapped in an unhappy marriage with his wife, Amope, and frequently turns to Brother Jero for advice.


Amope is Chume’s wife, who is unhappy and self-righteous, constantly arguing with Amope and other characters about the injustices they have caused her.


In Scene II, a woman trader selling smoked fish appears briefly on her way to town. She is stopped by Amope, argues with her about pricing, and leaves cursing her.

Drummer Boy

A drummer boy appears in the third scene, pursued hastily by a woman who has accused him of using his drums to abuse her father. He insists to Brother Jero that he has not done anything wrong, and begs the woman to not take away his drums.

Member of Parliament

This cowardly Member of Parliament holds a position in the Federal House but desperately wants a position as minister. Although he constantly practices his political speeches on the beach, he is too afraid to act on these desires. While he initially distrusts Jero, the Member of Parliament is ultimately put under his spell when Jero prophesies that he will one day be Minister of War.