The Tipping Point Themes

The Tipping Point Themes

The importance of every action

One of the main themes in the book is the idea that every little action matters. The author points out the way in which the actions we take influence our lives and those around us. The author mentions a few key people in history who influenced the way we live today through their actions and their ideas. They were either Patient Zero and brought into the world a pandemic that still affects us today or they were great thinkers who influence modern society through their ideas. Either way, the author shows the important of every little action and highlights the idea that even though we may believe that our actions are unimportant, they may be in fact more important that we could ever think of.

What makes information attractive

In the book, Gladwell focuses on various ads and marketing strategies employed by various companies. The author then tries to explain why some strategies are more successful and the reason why other strategies seem to fail despite the efforts put into developing an ad or piece of publicity. The author analyzes the methods used by the companies and by the publishing agencies and them highlights the efforts made to analyze the target audience and then the way the companies adapt to the target audience. Thus, the author shows just how much planning and effort goes behind the curtains when it comes to coming up with the perfect piece of advertising.

The start of a pandemic

The title of the book refers to the moment in which an event, idea or illness becomes global and start affecting the lives of millions of people. The moment is called the tipping point, the decisive moment when an idea either dies and is forgotten or flourishes and becomes something more. In the book, the author analyzes the events that form the tipping point and he explains why some events and idea catch one while other die and are forgotten.

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