The Thing Around Your Neck Background

The Thing Around Your Neck Background

The Thing Around Your Neck is a short story collection written by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and published in 2009. Adichie is a Nigerian author who is one of the best modern storytellers. She was raised in an Igbo household that valued education highly; her father was a professor and her mother worked at the the university as a registrar. Adichie has written some of the most well known African literature, and this work, The Thing Around Your Neck, is no different.

The Thing Around Your Neck is a collection that tells of the lives of Nigerians living both in Africa and in the United States. A self proclaimed feminist, Adichie writes about the bond between men and women, parents and their children through the twelve stories she tells in the work. There are children being sent to prison, parents losing their children, parents giving everything they have to give their children a viable future. There are conflicts and affairs between married couples, there are fights between religions. There are struggles with their Nigerian identity in the middle of America, and there are struggles with class and presumed social rank.

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