The Temple of My Familiar Background

The Temple of My Familiar Background

The Temple of My Familiar is a novel written by Alice Walker. It was published in 1989. The novel intertwines multiple narratives that are all intertwined with each other in the struggle to find moral truth. The narrator guides the reader through many characters and even more times and places and hundreds of themes and social questions.

Arveyda is a musician who wants to discover and explore his past. Carlotta is his wife who lives in exile. Suwelo is a colored man who is also a professor of American History; he realizes that men of his generation have failed the women in society. Fanny is Suwelo’s former wife who has never met her father until now. These are only a few of the very unique characters who all have very complicated histories.

The Temple of My Familiar is actually a history of how humans have changed. With the changing truths and mysteries in society as time passes, this novel also traces the evils that continue through history as well as the wonders that become legends.

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