The Tempest (Film) Background

The Tempest (Film) Background

The Tempest is a film directed by Julie Taymor and released in 2010. It is based on the play The Tempest, written by William Shakespeare, but the protagonist, Prospero, is changed from a man to a woman. (The name change from "Prospero" to "Prospera" in Taymor's rendition reflects this shift.) Though the movie was not well received by some critics, the costume designs were nominated for an Academy Award.

As mentioned above, the film is based on Shakespeare’s play with the same name. In Shakespeare’s play The Tempest, Prospero is a sorcerer who is the rightful Duke of Milan. However, Prospero is stuck on an island with no way to get out. However, with his skills in making illusions and manipulating others, Prospero plots to raise his daughter Miranda to her rightful position. So, he creates an enormous storm, causing Antonio, Prospero’s brother who took his place, and King Alonso of Naples to think that they have crashed their ship on the island. Then, through many tricks and manipulations, Prospero brings down Antonio and raises up Miranda to her rightful place.

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