The Stud Background

The Stud Background

The Stud was the second novel written by English author Jackie Collins. It was first published in 1969, just one year after the publication of her first novel quickly became a bestseller.

Collins received a large amount of criticism for The Stud. Many thought that the book was “raunchy” and “disgusting” because of its liberal way of approaching sex and sexuality. Both The Stud and the author became controversial literary icons as a result of the novel’s publication.

However, critics’ disgust with the novel attracted the attention of the public, and the novel gained enough popularity to be adapted into a film in 1978. Collins’ sister, Joan, starred in the film, and it enjoyed an impressive degree of box office success.

After the release of The Stud’s film adaptation, Collins published a sequel to the novel, The Bitch. Like The Stud, The Bitch garnered enough sales to receive a film adaptation,  and surpassed The Stud in box office sales.

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