The Stone Angel Background

The Stone Angel Background

The Stone Angel” is a novel of Margaret Laurence first published in 1964.

The author earned the reputation of being one of the most significant Canadian novelists. The heroine of her novel "The Stone Angel" Hagar Shipley, a woman of ninety years old, endowed with a sharp mind and a proud, unyielding temper, decided on a desperate act: not wanting to get into a nursing home, as it is perceived as a symbol of death, she runs out of home. Left alone, Hagar immersed in memories and reflections, which reflected the tumultuous events of the past years, and the aging of flour, and trying to come to terms with the inevitability of the end. The last decisive step towards independence enables her to overestimate the long lived life and take, finally, her destiny the way it is.

“The Stone Angel” has been filmed in 2007, it has been directed by Kari Skogland. The film was not a great success, but still received a lot of positive critical notes.

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