The Sovereignty and Goodness of God

The Sovereignty and Goodness of God Character List

Mary Rowlandson

The author and narrator, taken into captivity by the Narrangset Native Americans during their attack on Lancaster. She is a devout Puritan who explains her experiences as evidence of God's providence.


Mrs. Rowlandson's mistress in captivity and Quinopin's wife, whom Rowlandson refers to as "the proud Gossip." She is also known in historical documents as "Weetamoo." Her child dies during the Thirteenth Remove. She is violent towards Mrs. Rowlandson.


The sagamore (political leader or sachem) of the Narraganset Native Americans, and Mrs. Rowlandson's master in captivity. She was sold to him by another Narraganset who first captured her when she left the garrison.

King Philip

The Native American leader, also known as Metacom, who invites Mrs. Rowlandson to a visit and a smoke, commissions her to make clothes for his son, invites her to dinner, and shows her gestures of kindness later in her captivity.

Sarah Rowlandson

Mary Rowlandson's youngest daughter, shot in the bowels and hand while in Mary Rowlandson's arms during the February 10 Lancaster attack. She is the only child to stay with Mary Rowlandson when the Rowlandsons are taken captive. She dies in Mrs. Rowlandson's arms of her wound on February 18, six years and five months of age.

Joseph Rowlandson (Jr.)

Mary Rowlandson's son, whom she sees intermittently throughout her time in captivity and whose piety pleases her.

Mary Rowlandson (Jr.)

Mrs. Rowlandson's daughter, who is about ten years old at the time of the attack, whom Mrs. Rowlandson sees once at Wenimesset and with whom Mrs. Rowlandson is reunited with in Dorchester after her captivity.

Joseph Rowlandson

Mary Rowlandson's husband, the Lancaster reverend, absent during the February 10 Lancaster attack because he was seeking defense aid for Lancaster from the Council of the Massachusetts during the attack.

Mr. John Hoar

A Concord lawyer sent by Joseph Rowlandson to retrieve Mrs. Rowlandson from captivity who arrives during the Twentieth Remove with the third letter from the Council and who takes Mrs. Rowlandson to her husband.

Robert Pepper

A man from Roxbury who has been a Native American captive for "a considerable time" and who visits Mrs. Rowlandson at Wenimesset (The Third Remove). He tells her to heal her wound with oaken leaves, as he healed his wound from Captain Beers's fight.

Goodwife Ann Joslin

Also captured in the Rowlandson garrison, she is discouraged from running away while pregnant by Mrs. Rowlandson. However, she is stripped, killed, and burned her with her child due to asking the Native Americans too many times to let her go.

Thomas Read

An English man taken captive at Hadly to whom Mrs. Rowlandson offers comfort. He gives her news of her husband.

John Gilberd of Springfield

An English youth lying in the cold, sick with dysentery, whom Mrs. Rowlandson exhorts to build a fire. The Native Americans suspect she intends to run away with him.

Goodwife Kettle

One of the captives taken at Lancaster, whom Mrs. Rowlandson sees during the Twentieth Remove.

Mary Thurston of Medfield

A fellow captive of Mrs. Rowlandson who lends her a hat to protect her eyes from the sun during the Eighth Remove.

Quinopin's Oldest Wife

The oldest of Quinopin's three wives, who shows much kindness to Mrs. Rowlandson. She makes Wettimore afraid of losing Mrs. Rowlandson's service and ransom money.

Tom and Peter

Two Native Americans who deliver the second letter from the Council and the third with Mr. John Hoar. They travel back with him and Mrs. Rowlandson.

James the Printer

A Native American who helps the Native American leaders formally communicate with the English in spoken and written word.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Shepard of Charlestown

A couple who houses Mr. and Mrs. Rowlandson for eleven weeks while the Rowlandsons look for their children.

Mr./Mrs. Usher

A person of unknown gender due to printing error who helps pay Mrs. Rowlandson's ransom money.

Mr. James Whitcomb

Mr. and Mrs. Rowlandson's friend in whose house they live in for a time.

Mr. William Hubbard

A man whom Mr. and Mrs. Rowlanson see on their way to Eastward who tells them that their son and nephew are with Major Waldrens.

Major Waldrens

The man who guards over Mr. and Mrs. Rowlandson's son until they retrieve him.

Mr. Newman

A Rehoboth minister who takes care of Mary Rowlandson Jr. for a time after she escapes captivity.

Mary Rowlandson's Eldest Sister

William's mother, shot dead in the February 10 Lancaster attack following the death of her son William, who found God after spiritually troubled younger years.

Mary Rowlandson's Brother-in-Law

Killed during the February 10 Lancaster attack by an injury near or in the throat.


One of Mary Rowlandson's eldest sisters' child, killed by the Native Americans during the February 10 Lancaster attack when they noticed his broken leg.