The Sound Machine

The Sound Machine Metaphors and Similes

A Moth of a Man (Metaphor)

When detailing how Klausner looks, Dahl describes him as "a frail, nervous, twitchy little man, a moth of a man, dreamy and distracted; suddenly fluttering and animated." In this metaphor, Dahl likens Klausner to a moth to illustrate Klausner's fragile and distracted nature. Like a moth, Klausner alternates between sitting still and suddenly fluttering off as though something has caught his attention.

I Must Fly (Metaphor)

When the Doctor ends his visit to Klausner's garden shed, the doctor says "I must fly." In this metaphor, the Doctor uses figurative language to say that he must leave quickly, suggesting that he has somewhere else to be soon.

Like a Tentacle (Simile)

When Klausner tests out his sound machine, he perceives the expansion of his listening capacity as though "each ear [is] connected to his head by a thin stiff wire, like a tentacle, and that the wires [are] lengthening." In this simile, Dahl illustrates the invisible extension of Klausner's hearing by comparing the phenomenon to a physical tentacle reaching into the sky.