The Sorrow of War Glossary

The Sorrow of War Glossary

Stream of consciousness

A style of narration where typical features of form are ignored, such as full stops and paragraph breaks. It is most often associated with the first-person narrative voice

First-person narrative voice

A form of narration where the narrator of the story tells it from their own personal perspective. He or she addresses the reader as 'I'

Semi autobiographical

An adjective used to describe a work of fiction that shares many similarities to the author's own life. For example, if the main character of the work grew up in New York and the author did as well


A unit of soldiers in an army


Drunk; when someone has consumed too much alcohol

Rape (as a weapon in conflict)

The sexual violation of a woman or man, by someone else without the victim's consent. In conflict situations, rape can be used as a means of destroying the morale of a population and as a way of asserting its control over women

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