The Sign of the Beaver Metaphors and Similes

The Sign of the Beaver Metaphors and Similes

Simile of Bees

"The humming grew to a roar, like a great wind."

When Matt decided he wanted to get honey he climbed a tree that was home to a colony of bees. As they grew angrier they sounded like a wind starting to gather strength with the collective beat of their wings rising to a crescendo.

Metaphor of the Rifle

As Matt's father is preparing to leave he gives Matt his more efficient rifle and takes Matt's old blunderbuss with him. This action is a metaphor for his unspoken fear for Matt's safety and need to protect himself.

Simile of speed

"You move fast, like an Indian".

Attean likens being fillet of foot with being like an Indian and Matt realizes that Attean is paying him a compliment with this statement.

Metaphor of Attean's Mohawk

When Attean returns from finding his spirit guide his appearance changes and he wears the Mohawk that men wear for the hunt. This is a metaphor for his coming of age and becoming a man.

Metaphor of Being Left In The Forest

Attean has tended to accompany Matt all the way back to the cabin; after Matt rescues Attean's dog, Attean only takes him across the creek. This is a metaphor for Attean having come to trust Matt's abilities in the forest.

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