The Short Fiction of China Achebe Summary

The Short Fiction of China Achebe Summary

One of the seminal writers to have questioned the basis and linearity of the English canon is Chinua Achebe. He is known for many of his works, the most well received having been Things Fall Apart. He is also known for having introduced and amalgamated the African literary tradition into the realm of world literature.

His stories introduce the world to the culture and traditions of the Igbo people as well as the effect of political influence on the native land. His short stories explore the effects of war, culture and religion on a specific community.

"Civil Peace" explores the effects of Nigerian war on the people and delineates the idea of the "pity of war" as well as the idea of postwar "peace".

"Dead Men's Path" questions the fallacy of impending modernism that is imposed upon a native culture.

"Vengeful Creditor" examines the changes in the life of a wealthy woman after free education is introduced.

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